The Process, Mother’s Love & Senior Session, Grandbaby, and Birthday!

This last week was pretty great and full of great opportunities but here I will name only a few.

Learning to Love the Process? The process of losing weight; loving it, hmm, that’s good, I haven’t yet but that should be my focus because the process is what is going to get me there. Since the holidays, it has been very difficult for me to get focused on losing weight again. I have been up and down week by week and I am a bit discouraged. I know what needs to be done and how to do it, so why don’t I? Who knows but I’m just going to have to do it, the reasons don’t matter, right? Just do it! That’s what Nike would say.

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” ― Ted Grant. Color can be distracting, when there is none you tend to look at the eyes and that detail. I am falling in love with Black & White photography, there is something that is captured in those that may be overlooked in color photos because the color can distracting. I had the opportunity to shoot a Mother’s Love and High School Senior sessions this week and I have to say that the Mother’s Love session are quickly becoming my very favorite; there’s something about capturing the love between new parents and their long awaited newborns. This week I had the privilege to meet Cooper and I have to say, he has the most amazing blue eyes! I showed up at their home and was able to capture some beautiful shots of mom and Cooper, oh and Cooper shared some love with mommy during the diaper-less shots, hee hee, I was also able to get some shots of little Maky and Dad. Gorgeous family! Here are some of my favorite shots:

2014 DiGiovanna-005 2014 DiGiovanna-017 2014 DiGiovanna-043 2014 DiGiovanna-064 2014 DiGiovanna-066 2014 DiGiovanna-142

Then on Saturday morning I was able to shoot some shots of two of my favorite young girls, who are graduating this year…AH! Where does time go? I remember when they started school and BTW, were so cute then as well, they were so accommodating and didn’t mind being silly for this photographer. It seems like the years are just flying by and watching all these young people grow up is such a blessing! Here are some of my favorite shots:

2014 Senior Photos-008 2014 Senior Photos-009 2014 Senior Photos-015 2014 Senior Photos-022 2014 Senior Photos-023 2014 Senior Photos-028 2014 Senior Photos-048 2014 Senior Photos-074 2014 Senior Photos-078 2014 Senior Photos-092 2014 Senior Photos-115

I had my grandson this weekend and can you believe it, I didn’t take any photos, I just enjoyed him but I will include one photo that his mom took of him and posted on Facebook:


Cutest baby ever, right?

My daughter’s birthday was on Sunday and here is a picture that was taken at church:

untitled shoot-096

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklin. I definitely am that type of learner and praise God for those He has brought into my life that have been able to teach me in this way. So my learnings for this week: track everything that I eat, plan ahead of time, and sometimes you have to gain to lose and vice versa depending on the situation.

2 thoughts on “The Process, Mother’s Love & Senior Session, Grandbaby, and Birthday!

  1. Arjelia it seems you are having an amazing adventure through your photography. We your friends and family so are blessed by your creative labor of love. I enjoyed these photos and the stories you attached to all of them. Your personal warmth and charm shines through your photography which makes them more than just a picture.<3

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