Loss, Shower, and Performance


This was a better week, not only because I lost weight but because I was consistent about exercising and I now have a walking buddy; I think this might work. I have set a new goal for this week: I will only use my earned extra points and not touch my 49 points (WW). Hopefully, that will translate into higher weight loss for week.

On Saturday we had a baby shower for two of my good friends (Brother and Sister – in – Christ) and I love how a plan comes together. There are men and women in our church that can put things together so well and it is a pleasure to work with them. We had games, a photo booth, and food of course. A couple of women made the props for the photo booth and then there was a live prop (see below), I think his parents need to charge, they may be able to make some serious money. Let me tell you about the young couple we were celebrating with, Everett and Brittany met at work, she had been invited to church on many occasions by a mutual friend but actually attended after an invitation from Everett. She liked Everett because he was different, she kept going to church and then eventually came to Christ and became a member of our church and after a few years of courting Everett and Brittany were joined in marriage and now expecting a baby girl, Alexis Morgan. Here are some of the photos from the event:

2014 moyer's baby shower-02 2014 moyer's baby shower-07 2014 moyer's baby shower-13 2014 moyer's baby shower-15 2014 moyer's baby shower-16 2014 moyer's baby shower-23 2014 moyer's baby shower-35 2014 moyer's baby shower-43 2014 moyer's baby shower-46 2014 moyer's baby shower-48 2014 moyer's baby shower-52 2014 moyer's baby shower-53

Last week we had our yearly performance at work and I praise God that it went really well, maybe one of my best reviews yet!

Coming Up Next Week: Mother’s Love and Family Sessions

My Learnings for this week: stick to walking and tracking.

Have a great week everyone!


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