Up and Down, The Morning Answer, Maternity


Let’s start with the last couple of weeks results and I have to say it’s been up and down, literally. I was down last week and this week up. I thought I was prepared for a gain because I’ve started training and most likely I would be gaining some muscle but apparently I wasn’t because it really did bother me. I know I just have to hang in there and keep on keeping on. The workouts have been amazing and hard, I’m so excited to see the results 😉 I have a goal dress, it’s only a size smaller but I need the motivation-it’s my Mother’s Day Tea dress. Here are some photos:

Goal dress
2014-03-31 18.15.57


Before our work out.

2014-04-01 18.54.29

Last week I took a day off and we went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to see the Morning Answer radio show and we had a blast not only at the show but at the Baseball Exhibit that opened up that day. Here are some photos:


2014 April Reagan Library-6941

The Morning Answer Crew

2014 April Reagan Library-6943

Under the wings of Air Force 1

2014 April Reagan Library-6948

2014 April Reagan Library-6952

Tired but we’re here

2014 April Reagan Library-6953

Me, Brian Whitman, Jhanisus

2014 April Reagan Library-6971

Me, Elisha, and Adriana

2014 April Reagan Library-6976

Adriana, Me, Ben Shapiro, and Jhanisus

2014 April Reagan Library-6978

Aerial view

2014 April Reagan Library-6979

Jhanisus and Air Force 1

2014 April Reagan Library-7008

Jackie,  Jhanisus, Me, and Air Force 1

2014 April Reagan Library-7011

Berlin Wall

2014 April Reagan Library-7014

We had a Maternity Photo-shoot with the Moyers on Saturday and we had a great time, you may remember them from the Baby Shower post. Here are some photos:

2014 Moyers Maternity-0029

2014 Moyers Maternity-0036

2014 Moyers Maternity-0046

2014 Moyers Maternity-0068

2014 Moyers Maternity-0084

I had my grandson this Saturday, as always, I enjoyed it so much!

So coming up this week: 3 photo-shoots in one day, 1 Family session, 1 Senior session, and 1 Mother’s Love session, so excited!

Have a great week everyone!

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