Life is a Journey

Life is a journey, right? It is the path which one takes to one’s final destination and one of my earthly destinations is to get healthy, I want to care about my health and take care of me in order to be around so that I can be a blessing to those whom I love; I think that is something that many of us do not put together, I mean who thinks, “I need to take care of this body, so that I can take care of my children, grandchildren, and Lord willing, great-grandchildren?” Well, I have started to think in those terms, I not only want to be around to touch their lives but I want to be healthy in doing so, I mean, I could be here for a long time but if I don’t take care of this body as I should, it may be in poor health and THAT I do not want; I don’t want them taking care of me, I want them to have the best! I know it kind-of sounds self-serving but I want to glorify God and I want to have an impact in the lives of those around me! My daughter who is studying to be a nurse started this journey for me because I see how hard she tries to encourage everyone around her to make small changes, so that they can get healthy, she is such an encouragement to me and believe me it hasn’t been easy for her in convincing me to get that vision—BTW: I have not arrived on this—she is very patient!

This last week I had a win! I was down 1.8lbs., although for personal reasons I was not feeling like jumping and screaming but inside I was very excited! This journey of mine has its ups and downs but I am learning so much about what makes me do the things I do, why I eat when I do. I am a happy eater, I celebrate with food but when I am sad I starve myself, the last thing I want to do is eat. I am working on not satisfying any feeling with food but eat to live and fuel my body—easier said than done.

I hope my journey will encourage someone else as well!

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