The Kat’s Meow (Prom)

untitled shoot-329

The shoot started a bit rough, with a text reading, “We’re here.” Who’s here and what did I forget,” I thought, “What did I promise, who did I make an appointment with? I don’t recognize the number, maybe it was a delayed text, so, I’ll just ignore it but wait! What if it isn’t a mistake or a delayed text, I will just text back with ?? marks.” Reply text, “The prom pictures,” What? but that’s tomorrow, not today,” I thought, as panic set in, heart racing, “what am I going to do? I’m not ready at all but I have to be I can let them down!”Then I get a call from Kat’s dad and he says, “Yes, it’s today,” so of course I’m going to get ready and go!  As I was praying out loud and in my mind, I run into my daughter’s bedroom, where she was doing her homework, and say, “You need to get up and ready, the prom shoot is today not tomorrow, so I need you to get ready,” she calmly gets and does so, while I’m in panic mode trying to hide it but she is well aware. I pack my camera and get in the van; we usually pray before our photo-shoots and my daughter prayed and I was then quite calm. We arrived at the location to find family and this fabulous car. I greet Kat and family and then we start shooting, it was quite easy to shoot Kat and I believe God answered our prayers because I was so excited with the outcome of the photos as well as Kat and her father; and that means everything!

Click on link for slideshow:


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