The Rest of the Year

It’s been a while, I needed to focus on important things just for a bit. So much has happened I will share some with you.

What a year! As I look back on 2014 and how many answers to prayer there were, I am excited to see what great things God is going to do in 2015! Here is the Reader’s Digest version of 2014 (some photos are only available on my AP Facebook or Calvary Road Baptist Church pages):


Damien Alexander:


Damien 2

Damien 3

Mother’s Love Session

Mother’s Love (Mendez) 1

Mother’s Love (Mendez) 2

Mother’s Love (Mendez) 3

Rick Baptized:

On CRBC Facebook page

“Make God’s Mission Your Mission:”

On CRBC Facebook page


Mother’s Love Session:

Mother’s Love (DiGiovanna) 1

Mother’s Love (DiGiovanna) 2

Mother’s Love (DiGiovanna) 3

Mother’s Love (DiGiovanna) 4

Erika’s Birthday:

Erika’s BDay 1

Erika’s BDay 2

Erika’s BDay 3

Erika’s BDay 4

Flores Family Photo-shoot:

Flores 1

Flores 2

Flores 3

Flores 4

Annual Ping-Pong Tournament (Valentine’s Day):

On CRBC Facebook page


Senior Photo-shoot

Priscilla 1

Adriana 1

Priscilla 2

Adriana 2

Senior Convention:

On CRBAs Facebook page

Pam’s Birthday:

On CRBC Facebook page

Moyer’s Baby-shower:

Moyer Babyshower 1

Moyer Babyshower 2

Moyer Babyshower 3

Moyer Babyshower 4

Moyer Babyshower 5

Adriana’s Birthday:

My Facebook page


The Morning Answer Live Broadcast (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library):


Jimenez Photo-shoot:

Jimenez 1

Jimenez 2

Jimenez 3

Jimenez 4

Senior Photo-shoot:

CRBC Graduates 1

CRBC Graduates 2

CRBC Graduates 3

CRBC Graduates 4


Easter 1

Easter 2

Easter 3

Easter 4

Haggadah & Shabbat Service:

On CRBC Facebook page


Mother’s Day Tea:

Mother’s Day Tea 1

Mother’s Day Tea 2

Mother’s Day Tea 3

Mother’s Day Tea 4

Mother’s Day Tea 5

CRBAs Senior Photo-shoot:

CRBAs Graduates 1

CRBAs Graduates 2

CRBAs Graduates 3

CRBAs Graduates 4

Card Making Class:

Cindy’s Birthday:

My Facebook page

Annual Memorial Day Softball Game:

On CRBC Facebook page

Prom Photos

Kat’s Prom 1

Kat’s Prom 2

Kat’s Prom 3

Kat’s Prom 4


Mother’s 70th:

My Facebook page

Adriana’s Graduation:

My Facebook page

Pastor’s Birthday Party:

On CRBC Facebook page

Pasadena Chalk Festival:


Independence Day:

On CRBC Facebook page

Mountaineer Days (Wrightwood):

On AP Facebook page

Mother’s Love photo-shoot:

Mother’s Love (Moyer) 1

Mother’s Love (Moyer) 2

Mother’s Love (Moyer) 3

Mother’s Love (Moyer) 4

Vacation Bible School (VBS):






e3Project Farmer’s Market:


Jacob’s 1st Birthday:

My Facebook page

Makaila’s 3rd Birthday:

My Facebook page


Women’s Retreat:

On CRBC Facebook page


Dominic Baptized:

My Facebook page

Annual Labor Day Softball Game:

On CRBC Facebook page

Paycheck Sunday Banquet:

On CRBC Facebook page


Cal Poly’s Pumpkin Patch:

My Facebook page

TWD Season Premiere:

My Facebook page

Harvest Party:

On CRBC Facebook page

Rick’s Birthday Celebration:

My Facebook page

CRBAs Pancake Breakfast:

On CRBAs Facebook page


3rd Annual Family Christmas Photo Day:

Christmas Family Photo Day 1

Christmas Family Photo Day 2

Christmas Family Photo Day 3

Christmas Photo session at the Park:

Annabel 1

Annabel 2

Annabel 3


Ryan & Ariel’s Wedding:

The Girls

The Rings

The Vow

In the Elevator

Annual Waldrip’s Photo-shoot:

The Family

The Thinker

At Home


Mini-Grandbabies Photo-shoot:

The Moyers



My Facebook page

CRBA’s Christmas Program

The Romans

The Alum Choir

The New-Born King

Watchnight Service/New Year’s Party:

On CRBC Facebook page

What a blessing to serve my savior Jesus Christ this year. This coming year, I want to be more faithful and more in love with Christ, I want to be used by Him in whichever way He sees fit, I want to love people into the kingdom and be an encouragement to the Brethren!

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