Third Week in January

Hardening of the attitudes is the most deadly disease on the face of the earth.” ~Zig Ziglar

We can become so use to the way things are, that nothing changes and change isn’t bad, especially when change is NEEDED! Oh where do I start? Pray.

2015 has started out great! Not perfect but I know the one who holds the future and that is enough! I have to say I am so grateful for His grace, My Lord Jesus is the only reason why I can claim any victory in my life! Because of Him I have no worries, confusion, nor pain, etc. anymore, He has made my life complete! Mere man cannot do that because that isn’t God’s will for anyone to carry out, He is the only one with that ability!

With that said, I would like to share about my third week:

  • Weight; (maintained) but eating healthy has been better this week, actually looking forward to weigh in next week!
  • I have started De-Cluttering my home and getting ready for a yard sale, oh my, I’m going to be a millionaire, JK, lol.
  • I finished reading, “In Love with Christ” a narrative by Sarah Edwards, hope to finish “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” by the end of next week.
  • I’m off to a great start with being thoughtful and my birthday cards, they’re all addressed only awaiting personal notes, and they’re ready to be mailed off at their proper times.
  • My schedule is ready for all the things that need to get done, daily, weekly, monthly, etc..
  • I am so excited about all this getting done, also I have a few photography bookings in the works, woohoo!
  • Oh and most importantly I have scheduled for the most important people in my life and I am completely looking forward to that!

Photos from this week:

IMG_20150111_143937 IMG_20150112_204320 IMG_20150113_131941 IMG_20150113_163608 IMG_20150116_132612

Have a wonderful week!


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