Ever so Grateful

I am so grateful for God’s goodness, I see how He is blessing so many and I rejoice with you and I see others who are going through a wilderness and I know what that is like as well (Romans 12:15), you’re not alone but don’t despise this time, there will be great growth and greater intimacy in knowing Christ and God the Father, just wait upon the Lord! He is faithful and has your best interest at heart. I know tough times are ahead of us, let’s be people of prayer, I know many of you are and I am so grateful for it; even though you do not tell anyone that you are praying for them, I know you are faithful in praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ! He will answer our prayers because He said so, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name [Jesus], that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (John 14:13), believe Him not what you see and feel.

I was thinking about God’s goodness and that came to mind, even when we are going through difficult times, He is still good because He meets with us at those times, ever so quietly, so if you are not careful you might miss His voice. He tells us to be still…it must be because He won’t  shout but whisper. I love my God so much because He first loved me and He is so gentle and loving with His children, I am so grateful for Christ’s forgiveness and being long-suffering! Oh, that I may be that way with others, that I will be more Christ-like!

As always, I will share a few photos, these are from VBS we had a few weeks ago at my church, enjoy!

LrMobile2107-2015-122014242193956863 LrMobile1108-2015-014520714146213510 LrMobile1108-2015-011420802792275386 LrMobile1108-2015-012620755231115446 LrMobile1108-2015-010820737395096479 LrMobile1108-2015-015120900436618390

Have a wonderful week all!

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