First Day

I’m in the process of following the Fast Metabolism Diet and I am on my way home right now, in our vanpool, I’m not driving. I have to say that it wasn’t too bad, between my first snack and lunch was a bit rough but after that I did okay. I am a bit hungry right now and I’m looking forward to dinner but I have to eat an apple in between because I’m sure it will take a while to make dinner. I’m looking forward to making it and watching a little bit of Hannibal-the last season.

Second Day

Feeling fabulous! I know I can do this and that makes me excited! Dinner was soooo good; Chicken Sausage with Veggies and Brown Rice. Tomorrow we start Phase 2 and we get to have egg whites, so we’re going to make omelletes without the cheese but that’s okay, I can do this! The food you can have is amazing, I am so encouraged about this, as you can tell.

Third Day

Today was a bit rough,  tomorrow I need to pack more food!


So besides that I had lifestyle photoshoot a couple of weeks that you may have seen if you follow my Arjelia Photography Facebook page. One of my friends wanted to have photos taken of her god-daughter and of course I obliged. I love her and her family, they’re sweethearts. I met her parents at the Los Angeles Arboretum and chatted with them for a bit before Momma, her sister, and Anabell arrived. It was 9:30am and it was already a scorcher, we were all glad that we planned it early, so I started capturing some photos of her; she is so photogenic, we had a good time and she was a natural! Click on link for the sideshow.



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