Happy February!


Isn’t that the truth?!

I am excited about this year and the changes that I am implementing, I have several goals, De-Cluttering, Becoming Healthy, Cooking Healthy, Becoming a Better Friend, and Building my Business! I hope to bring you through the journey of the struggles!


I have begun this around my house and it really does make a difference in the way it has given me a feeling of accomplishment as well as loving my home!

Becoming Healthy

I have made changes to my diet, eating clean, I have my little hiccups here and there but I feel amazing!

Cooking Healthy

I began planning and cooking healthy at the beginning of the year and of course this has contributed to the amazing feeling!

Becoming a Better Friend

This is subjective, obviously, and only time will tell.

Building my Business

I have a Model Photo-shoot scheduled for the 11th of this month. It is mostly to help me hone in on Light & Airy shots.

I’m excited about getting organized and achieving my goals!


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