Though she be but little…

She is fierce! ~Shakespeare
My week didn’t go as well as I planned but then again, I didn’t plan and that is a definite recipe for disaster and I never exaggerate FYI. I had a few days of not eating clean and I paid for it, lesson learned, for now, the struggle is real! Last Saturday as I was spending some time in meditation of God’s Word I noticed how absolutely beautiful the morning light was and I had to try to capture some of it with my tablet’s camera and I did some editing because that’s what I do. Here is the finished product. I was really liking the grainy look. 

So last weekend I had a wonderful Madonna photo session with the beautiful Melissa and her baby girl Meredith. I hope that Meredith grows up to be as sweet and loving as her mother!  I had a great time capturing these moments and spending a little time at their home with her family! I did a little experimenting with natural light which I don’t normally do for my Madonna Sessions but I liked it very much, hope you do as well!

Have a wonderful day!


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