Gain, Convention, Workday, & My Little Love


This week was a bit difficult, with going to my daughter’s convention competition and eating out every day, whew, it was tough making good choices, so I had to psych myself out; you see California Baptist University–where the convention was held–has the most amazing cafeteria, with several stations offering different types of food and all are incredible, it is an all you can eat buffet, not only do they have food but they have desserts. The way I psyched myself out was by eating tons of fruit and salad to get full then choosing one entrée, as opposed to starting with all that food and hating myself later for over eating. The downfall was that I was eating more than I normally do and less exercise, so all that to say I gained .4, I was not too disappointed, it could have been worse.


Convention went great, the kids are always so well-behaved and they seemed to have a great time; our school did very well, taking first place in Bible Bowl and Pace Bowl, which are the highest in academics; so pleased with that! My daughter placed in all of her events and took 7 1st place awards in photography, crochet, scrapbook, music duet, she was part of the Pace Bowl and Bible Bowl which took first place; it was so exciting to see these results! Here are some photos:

2014 Senior Convention-046 2014 Senior Convention-069 2014 Senior Convention-117 2014 Senior Convention-143 2014 Senior Convention-159 2014 Senior Convention-181 2014 Senior Convention-182 2014 Senior Convention-191 2014 Senior Convention-193 2014 Senior Convention-196 2014 Senior Convention-205


On Saturday we had our quarterly workday for our church and academy,  we also had a BBQ afterwards; once again the food issue; it really has been tough for me to deny myself but I know that I must, if I want results! The way Workday is organized is, a list is made of everything that needs to be done around the church house, they’re broken down to each chore, written on index cards, then we select which ones we will do. It really is a blessing to be part of this, I mean it is work but there is something about pulling together and taking ownership of your church and school ministry, the fellowship that is shared is great! I praise God for the opportunity to do this, it builds a stronger relationships, it’s not just about cleaning…I love how God uses everything to His glory! Here are some of those hard workers:

untitled shoot-002 untitled shoot-004 untitled shoot-006 untitled shoot-007 untitled shoot-008 untitled shoot-009 untitled shoot-010 untitled shoot-012 untitled shoot-014

My Little Love

Guess who I had this weekend? You got it, my grandson. I so enjoy just holding that baby and this time I captured some moments!

2014 Senior Convention-005 2014 Senior Convention-006 2014 Senior Convention-007

To Do

So this coming week: stay focused, oh, I almost forgot, I started working out with a personal trainer~Sarah~she has been a great inspiration and now she is training my daughter, a friend, and me; this will be hard but I know it will be worth it!


“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13).


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