“a main purpose or interest”

One of the hardest things for me is to stay focused on anything for any period of time, sadly, but I know by God’s grace I can finish and regain focus!

I weighed in last night at WW and maintained, although that is better than gaining, it’s not what I want, I must meet my goal, there just isn’t an option, I have to get healthy. I began using #eMeals a program that gives you weekly menus and a shopping list, it is extremely easy to use, it has helped me through Thanksgiving and Christmas from gaining weight; so thankful for that.

Today, for breakfast, I had Oatmeal made with water, orange juice, dried cranberries, and honey, Oh my, it was yummy; last night I made Quick-and-Easy Fajitas and that was yummy as well! Who says that eating healthy isn’t good? I’m discovering how much I love eating healthy but once again, I have to stay focused and remind myself on a daily basis, sometimes on an hourly basis, why I am doing this.


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